Working processes and design

The studio specializes in TURNKEY PROJECTS method, according to which the Design Mill team is responsible for all stages of the project: from consolidating the idea through production, and up to executing the design. Here, you can read about the method and vision that lie behind it:


The Design Mill team specializes in formulating original concepts that get the visitors involved in innovative and intriguing ways. Every project is based on a central idea that ignites the design process and leads to captivating results.


The planning process created in the studio is based on the realization that the success of each and every project depends on sound planning, deriving from the specific needs of the project and the possibilities embodied in it. The team members' extensive experience and mastery in various areas, including media, comes into play from the very first stage of planning up to the project's completion.


The designers at Design Mill specialize in multi-disciplinary thinking and action, in transforming ideas into an original, visual and up-to-date creation. The design process results from a dialogue in the studio. The goal is to refine visual ideas, so they are expressed in a clear language, suitable to the project at hand.


The production team coordinates the thousands of items, units and processes involved in each project. The arena of museums, which outlines unique requests of preservation and displays, can therefore be seen as convoluted. These aspects influence the production process directly. However, the skilled staff of Design Mill offers comprehensive and liable solutions to this area, as well as to production and design needs that are associated with it.


Design Mill’s professional team accompanies and oversees the stages of assembly and provides professional solutions, while meeting deadlines and budget constraints.

"At the end everything connects. Ideas, people, objects; quality of connections is, by itself, the key to quality"

Design Mill - Work Processes
The studio’s professional team consists of industrial designers, architects, visual communication designers, media specialists, engineers and production teams that work together to provide a comprehensive response for every project, in every scale, while maintaining high standards and high quality execution. This is where you can see up-close what happens inside the Mill.

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