Design Mill – Content Architecture, Exhibitions and Museums

A unique studio that has been operating for over a decade in the realm of architecture and museum design, planning of visitors' centers, design and execution of permanent and temporary exhibitions.
Design Mill developed, built, executed and designed over 100 projects and was showcased internationally and in Israel,in leading museums and culture centers, in addition to designing projects for commercial and private organizations. Moreover, members of the Design Mill take part in developing products and concepts that are displayed in design exhibitions around the world.
The studio won the Ot Haitzuv award for museum and exhibition design in 2009 and 2011. Design projects of the group were presented in Israel, Milano, Berlin, Copenhagen and Seoul as part of group and solo exhibitions. Every project undertaken by the studio involves an ongoing dialogue with several disciplines such as architecture, interior design, product design and visual communication. All this is done in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary artistic creation. This approach allows Design Mill to offer outstanding quality alongside an intellectual, original and contemporary experience. The studio specializes in "project turnkey" method, according to which the staff is responsible to all stages of the project: from consolidating the concept, through production and up to the actual setting up of the exhibition. Design Mill group is well-immersed in the design world and takes an active part in projects and enterprises that offer an environmental and artistic challenge. The professional staff of the studio is made up of architects, industrial designers, visual communication artists, media specialists, engineers and producers, in order to give each project a comprehensive treatment. The studio is located in an industrial flour mill in south Tel Aviv, which was re-designed renovated by the studio's staff. The Mill holds lectures and events about architecture, design and art.
 Here's a short introduction with the people behind the studio:


Design Mill - Work Processes
The studio’s professional team consists of industrial designers, architects, visual communication designers, media specialists, engineers and production teams that work together to provide a comprehensive response for every project, in every scale, while maintaining high standards and high quality execution. This is where you can see up-close what happens inside the Mill.

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