The last meal in Apollonius

The last days of a Crusaders' fortress in Hertzelia: the exhibition allows visitors to get a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of the knights, by also observing the last culinary moments in the lives of the Hospitallers fighters: the Crusader knights who tried to defend the Apollonius fortress and the local population on the Hertzelia coastline way back in the 13th century.
For us, the challenge was to locate the meeting point between periodical restorations, remnants and contemporary exhibition that would enhance the experience and at the same time will grant the historic restoration its well- deserved place. The experience starts even prior to entering the space: as the catapults adjacent to the door indicate an inevitable destiny. The lobby is separated from the two inner spaces of the exhibition, which sets the scene of a fortress.
On the left, there is a restoration of a stove with artificial fire, created by the artist Adi Nahshon. On the right, a table with a meal features the eating habits of the crusaders. Along the way we also learnt about the hierarchies that accompanied each meal: how was it customary to eat, on whom or what people used to wipe their hands, what the dishes looked like and what utensils were used.

Eretz Israel Museum – Tel Aviv // curator: Dr. Irit Tziper // 2011
Photography: Deddy Lifshitz
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