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We have a championship! 100 years of Israeli soccer


Don't miss it! The exhibition will close in a month!
Closing: June 9, 2012

 No matter how you look at it, this is the first time in which this exciting game was allowed to enter the Eretz Israel museum
The idea behind this exhibition is to create a link between the parts that make up the identity of the Israeli soccer and its protagonists: the club, players, judges, coaches and of course, fans – the 12th player. And let’s not forget the way in which the game is viewed in Israeli media. That also includes the politicians and public activists who take part in it. All of these facets took part in the conception of the exhibition design. We wanted to convey the aspects of the Israeli soccer and create a space where families can enjoy. We took on two perspectives: from the outside to the inside of the field and from the inside outwards. Thus, the exhibition deals with the cultural nostalgia involved in the sport and the political and historic moves associated with soccer as well as the myths that have established its status in Israel. We therefore used a collection of articles, historic radio broadcasts, collectors' items from clubs, and skits about soccer, photographs, personal letters that were written from games abroad, multi-disciplinary art and contemporary design: from antiquated foosballs to interactive games screened on the floor. A touch away from Malmilian, People could kick virtual balls and take active part in what was going on.

Erez Israel Museum - Tel Aviv//curator: Dana Heler
Opening: March 6, 2012
Closing: June 20, 2012

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