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Design Mill is a boutique design studio which has been at the forefront of museum design, planning and installation in Israel for over two decades. Our Studio specializes in turn-key projects. We streamline all processes and offer holistic solutions for our clients. Beyond museum design, we also lead design projects for municipalities, culture and visitor centers, galleries and private entities. Over the years, we have successfully completed more than 180 projects. Cont...

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Anna Szenes house

We are proud and excited to update on the opening

Vernissage of “Yemen: From Sheba to Jerusalem”

Visitors can now see the exhibition in the Bible Lands

Winner of the Israeli Design Award “Ot Haizuv” 2019

We are happy to share the news that Design Mill

"Vernissage of "Flashes of Memory

"Photography during the Holocaust” New exhibition in Yad Vashem
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Yemen: From Sheba to Jerusalem The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem Our design goal in the exhibition was to bring to life the story of the origins of the Jews that lived in Shiba (Ancient Yemen) and their connection to the land of Israel. The timeline goes back from the ancient times up until the modern day. By following the traces of the “spice route”, the physical connection where merchants convoyed spices across the region for hundreds of years.

To view the project Yemen: From Sheba to Jerusalem
Flashes of Memory // Winner of Ot Haitzuv 2019 Photography during the Holocaust This exhibition presents a critical view of the visual documentation during the Holocaust, focusing on the circumstances of photography and the worldview of the documenting photographer, and referring to the unique and different perspectives of the Jewish photographers.

To view the project Flashes of Memory // Winner of Ot Haitzuv 2019


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The studio’s professional team consists of industrial designers, architects, visual communication designers, media specialists, engineers and production teams that work together to provide a comprehensive response for every project, in every scale, while maintaining high standards and high quality execution. This is where you can see up-close what happens inside the Mill.

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