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A unique studio that has been operating for over a decade in the realm of architecture and museum design, planning of visitors' centers, design and execution of permanent and temporary exhibitions.
Design Mill developed, built, executed and designed over 100 projects and was showcased internationally and in Israel,in leading museums and culture centers, in addition to designing projects for commercial and private organizations. Moreover, members of the Design Mill take part in developing products and concepts that are displayed in design exhibitions around the world. 

Senior Projects


The First Heritage Site Project (Authorized by the Government)

Design Mill will design and carry out the Heritage project

Renewal of Ashdod Museum Named after Korin Maman

Design Mill has recently started renovating the archeological museum.

We have a championship! 100 years of Israeli soccer

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Design Mill in the United Nations, New York

Design and production of travelling exhibitions abroad.
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We have a championship! 100 years of Israeli soccer How do you take 100 years of energies and put them inside a museum? No matter how you look at it, this is the first time in which this exciting game was allowed to enter the Eretz Israel museum The idea behind this exhibition is to create a link between the parts that make up the identity of the Israeli soccer and its protagonists: the club, players, judges, coaches and of course, fans – the 12th player. And let’s not forget the way in which the game is viewed in Israeli media. That also includes the politicians and public activists

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A monument of good deeds In this exhibition we focused on creating an atmosphere of a classroom while presenting 13 stories on green chalkboards. The drawings, songs, diaries and games tip us off that the children have left for a short while and will be right back. The challenge we took on was to demonstrate to the viewers that the missing children had rich lives, we therefore wanted to show the daily experiences behind the statistics.

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Design Mill - Work Processes
The studio’s professional team consists of industrial designers, architects, visual communication designers, media specialists, engineers and production teams that work together to provide a comprehensive response for every project, in every scale, while maintaining high standards and high quality execution. This is where you can see up-close what happens inside the Mill.

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